K&L go to KL

Our much-needed vacation was an all round hit.

Kyle and I flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to meet up with our dear friends, Laura and Ian. They had been teaching in China for about as long as we’ve been in India and were also in need of a getaway. Together in the glorious heat of the Southeast Asian winter, we explored Kuala Lumpur’s friendly mish-mash of cultures, the delicious Malay cuisines of Melaka, and then went on to discover the delights of Singapore.

This was just the break we needed. Both Malaysia and Singapore are highly developed, yet still have the charm and uniqueness of being completely Asian. Basically, not only did we get to relax but we also got to discover. It was marvellous.

Instead of a descriptive travel blog entry, I have compiled a captioned photo album. Due to an extended row between Mizoram’s internet, Mizoram’s power supply, the technology at hand, and yours truly, the album is not posted on WordPress directly, but can be accessed by clicking on this link:




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